Week 5:

How has COVID-19 affected your views on travel?


Woul you rather drive for a peace of mind or would you fly, if domestic airlines are open with their own safety measures?

Week 4:

Curate your own South American Adventure


This week we would like you to curate your own tour through South America:

  1. Click on the "LET'S GO!" button below

  2. Select a basic tour.

  3. Select your hotels, transfers and activities.

  4. Submit your details and voila... not only did you curate your own package (a platform that SSE offers), but you also just entered for week 4 of our 5 week competition!

Week 3:

Let's take a journey...


This week we would like to go on a journey with you. Here is how it works:

  1. Click on the "LET'S GO!" button below

  2. Select a country

  3. Select a city

  4. Select a tour

  5. It is always possible to change you mind and go back to another country/city/tour

  6. Once you have found your dream package, submit a no obligation inquiry by clicking "Book Now" as though you are booking for the tour that this journey took you to. Submit all details (this inquiry is your entry into Week 3's competition)

Week 2 - Survey 2:

Who are you?

THE BASICS: (part 1)

Answer the following questions about your basic travel requirements...

What do you prefer?

Week 1 - Survey 1:

Who is SSE?


Answer the following questions according to the newsletter.

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