Reasons to Visit:

  1. U Bein Bridge: This is the world’s longest teak bridge, 

  2. The World’s Biggest Book: Located at Kuthodaw Paya, the world’s largest book is actually a series of white stupas, each one containing a marble slab with text inscribed from the Tripitaka (the Buddhist holy book). 

  3. Shwenandaw Kyaung: This beautiful teak monastery comes complete with intricate carvings all over the exterior,

  4. Take a boat ride: Taking a boat ride on the Ayeyarwady River offers a whole new perspective on the city

  5. Sagaing Hill: Fancy a hill dotted with golden stupas and iced with a couple of temples on top? 

Shan State

​Reasons to Visit:

  1. Kakku Pagodas: One of the Asia's largest and most spectacular ancient monuments is a wonderful Pagoda named Kakku. It contains over 2.000 stupas with origins dating back many centuries.

  2. Kakku Cave: The attraction is actually located around half a mile outside the center of town and consists of a natural limestone cave which is a famous as it has been filled with iconic, golden Buddha statues.

  3. Inle Lake: It is second largest lake in Myanmar. It was used to call “Venice of the East. Around inle lake compound, there are about 64 villages. Most are floating villages. 

  4. Faungdawoo Pagoda: The pagoda festival is very popular. The festival holds 15 days in Thadingyut month of Myanmar Lunar Calendar (in October). The karaweik faungdaw brings Buddha images and visits 19 places around the villages of Inle Lake.

Mrauk U

​Reasons to Visit:

  1. Koe Thaung Temple: Kothoung temple is one of wonderful and amazing religious .the temple was called as kothoung,because of,there are ninety thousands Buddha images

  2. Shai-thaung Temple: The Shaitthaung Temple, also spelled Shitthaung according to Standard Burmese pronunciation, is a famous temple in Mrauk U. The name means 'Temple of 80,000 Buddha Images', and is also known as the 'Temple of Victor

  3. Chin Village: Will welcome you in, you can even partake in ceremonies. Made famous for the tattooed faces of the ladies people.

Myeik Archipelago

​Reasons to Visit:

  1. Lampi Island Marine Park: The Lampi Island Marine National Park covering 204.48 km to the Mergui Archipelago, comprising coral reefssea grass beds, mangrovessand dunes and tropical evergreen forest The national park is an Important Bird Area and one of the ASEAN Heritage Parks

  2. St Luke Snorkeling Trip: You can see pristine natural beauty above and under water. The water is very clear and there also are numerous white sand beaches with fresh water streams.

  3. Bay of Andaman: The island is surrounded by crystal clear cyan colored water with a shallow shoreline that offers a magnificent underwater view. The beach is white sand and shaded by dense tropical trees with hints of huts and wooden benches to set the mood.

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