Explore off the Beaten Track

The loveliest of rivers. In the past we only offered this during the monsoon due to water levels, but now our ultra-low draught Pandaws can sail through to February. The river carves it way through mountains and forests and we stop at delightful unspoilt little towns. Our objective, Homalin is the capital of Nagaland and close to the India border. We will ply the Upper Chindwin weekly between Monywa and Homalin. Monywa is under three hours from Mandalay and the car transfer is included with the cruise. Homalin is now connected by scheduled flight with Mandalay.

Spiritual Myanmar

Be captivated by the inherent spirituality that makes Myanmar so special. Take a pilgrimage trip to the sacred Golden Rock, meditate with monks at a famous monastery and wander amid thousands of ancient pagodas in Bagan to learn about Myanmar’s Buddhist culture. Wander the streets of Yangon and visit local pagodas in Mandalay to see how spirituality is entwined in daily life.

Unseen Southern Myanmar

Explore and study the untouched part of the Golden Land.

If the idea of combining stunning mountains and white sandy beaches into one trip sounds good to you, then this is your trip. The narrow southern region of Myanmar is a fascinating, largely uncharted place that combines farming villages, colonial history, and pristine islands.

Through the Lens

Capture the beauty of Myanmar’s epic monuments, spectacular landscapes and dazzling smiles of its people. Take a 10-day journey filled with special excursions designed to maximize photographic opportunities. Visit the highlights and then stray off the beaten track to collect a camera-full of amazing Myanmar memories.

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